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When starting a new venture, it is critical for entrepreneurs to have a solid business plan.  With the right guidance, success can be a mere formality.  Without sound advice, however, the risk of becoming a statistic is high.  But there is no reason to take that chance when you have TrustBridge Legal on your side.  We help new business owners build successful companies by providing them with effective strategies and solutions for every phase of the business life cycle.

Our expertise in running businesses and practicing law gives us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by small business owners.  From marketing to accounting to quality assurance, our grasp of business fundamentals helps us build strong foundations on which companies can grow and prosper.

While our passion for increasing margins and improving balance sheets knows no bounds, we can also help protect company assets and minimize the risk of litigation through sound legal planning.  Having our multi-faceted expertise at your disposal can be invaluable.  We are more than just a business law firm – we are your business partner.


Sometimes all you need is a sounding board – someone to validate operating concepts or to help you manage a sticky situation.  But many times you need something more, and with our unique expertise we can help you with virtually every aspect of your business.  These are just a few of the matters with which we can provide assistance:


At TrustBridge Legal, we share your spirit.  And in just about every situation you might encounter in your entrepreneurial journey, we can honestly say “we’ve been there.”  We can help you navigate the best of times and the worst of times, from starting up to winding down.  Just what you would expect from a good business partner.

We will help you decide which type of entity is best for your startup, draft business plans or operating agreements so your corporate vision is clear, and ensure you’re in compliance with applicable laws and regulations when you’re ready to launch.  And once your business begins to thrive, we can be a sounding board for new projects and help tweak your operational metrics to increase profits and shareholder return.  We can also handle your collections effort for a fraction of the cost charged by collection agencies or other law firms.

And if times get tough, you can lean on us.  As a member of the Turnaround Management Association, we are familiar with the hardships confronted by distressed businesses.  We can give you options that can get your business back on track and offer alternatives to bankruptcy or liquidation to help preserve your legacy.

We enjoy nothing more than helping you succeed.  Whether it’s seeing you close your first big deal or watching you reap the rewards of years of hard work, we appreciate your achievements.  Will you be our next success story?

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