Living Will

It could happen at any time. You are unexpectedly struck by an illness or injury that leaves you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate. Your doctors are unaware of your wishes regarding life-saving measures, and they can’t rely on your loved ones for medical decisions because federal law prevents them disclosing details about your condition. Or perhaps your incapacity is prolonged, your mortgage and other bills are due, and your loved one don’t have access to your bank account to make payments. These […]

Our children are precious to us, and they grow up so fast. In the blink of an eye, it seems, they go from toddlers to college students. And in the eyes of the state, when they turn 18 our children are legally no longer children at all – they’re adults. That means they become responsible for themselves overnight, but we parents know that our responsibility for our kids’ wellbeing never ends. Parenting is a lifelong endeavor. So say your teenager goes off to […]