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TrustBridge Legal provides professional, reliable, and friendly notary services. We are trained and certified to complete a wide variety of notarial transactions by the American Association of Notaries (AAN). We are officially licensed by the Texas Secretary of State, and we are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. We offer three cost-effective notary options to meet your needs. In-person at our office – Simply make an appointment to come by our office at 12900 Preston Road, Suite 620, Dallas, TX 75230 […]

It could happen at any time. You are unexpectedly struck by an illness or injury that leaves you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate. Your doctors are unaware of your wishes regarding life-saving measures, and they can’t rely on your loved ones for medical decisions because federal law prevents them disclosing details about your condition. Or perhaps your incapacity is prolonged, your mortgage and other bills are due, and your loved one don’t have access to your bank account to make payments. These […]

Estate planning is about much more than just a will or living trust. While many of your assets can pass to your loved ones through those documents, there are plenty more assets that cannot. These “non-probate” assets are ones that require you to name a beneficiary that will receive the assets when you pass, and include life insurance policies, annuities, 401k plans, IRAs, pension plans, stock options, and government benefit plans. Choosing who you name as a beneficiary might seem like an easy […]

Congratulations, you’ve decided to start your own business. But now there are a thousand things to do before you can start welcoming customers into your office. One of the first things you have to consider is what you want the structure of your business to be – that is, how it will be seen for tax purposes and what protections it will provide you as owner. It’s a big decision, but thankfully there are only a few different options, and we’re about to […]

Our children are precious to us, and they grow up so fast. In the blink of an eye, it seems, they go from toddlers to college students. And in the eyes of the state, when they turn 18 our children are legally no longer children at all – they’re adults. That means they become responsible for themselves overnight, but we parents know that our responsibility for our kids’ wellbeing never ends. Parenting is a lifelong endeavor. So say your teenager goes off to […]

Is it time to call TrustBridge Legal? Outstanding debts can weaken a company by constricting cash flow, making it hard for small businesses to operate efficiently. TrustBridge Legal understands the importance of cash flow, maintaining a reasonable accounts receivable balance, working to eliminate outstanding debts, and resolving breaches of contract. We provide an effective and economical solution to monetizing your past due accounts receivable and maximizing cash flow. Our founder’s background in business as an owner and consultant led to his development of […]

If you think that trusts are only for the wealthy, you’re missing out on some wonderful opportunities to make your estate plan something more than just a will and a power of attorney. In fact, trusts are arguably the most versatile estate planning tool we planners have in our arsenals. They can be used to accomplish a wide variety of objectives and create benefits you may not have realized were possible. Here are 13 ways adding trusts to your estate plan will benefit […]

What is burial insurance? Also known as funeral or final expense insurance, burial insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy designed to cover common end-of-life expenses, such as funeral or cremation expenses and medical bills. Because the average cost of a funeral in Texas ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, having a burial insurance policy can help take financial strain off your loved ones. How does burial insurance work? Like other insurance policies, you simply select the amount of coverage you want […]

It seems the news cycle has a continuous supply of stories about disgruntled employees or injured third parties bringing eight or nine-figure lawsuits against their employers, neighbors, and business partners. We might have thought the days of frivolous litigation were over, but they are alive and well in this increasingly contentious world we live in. Opportunists abound. And the more you succeed, the more people want to take a piece of that success away from you. Whether it’s human nature, greed, or something […]

For many business owners, mention of the “B word” conjures up feelings of dread, frustration, and failure. Bankruptcy can be expensive, especially for small businesses, and despite the friendlier reorganization option that Subchapter V provides, the process itself can erode brand equity, stigmatize the company going forward, and damage relationships with vendors and customers. Although bankruptcy doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your business, it’s safe to say that most of us would prefer to avoid it if possible. […]


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