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Is it time to call TrustBridge Legal? Outstanding debts can weaken a company by constricting cash flow, making it hard for small businesses to operate efficiently. TrustBridge Legal understands the importance of cash flow, maintaining a reasonable accounts receivable balance, working to eliminate outstanding debts, and resolving breaches of contract. We provide an effective and economical solution to monetizing your past due accounts receivable and maximizing cash flow. Our founder’s background in business as an owner and consultant led to his development of […]

If you think that trusts are only for the wealthy, you’re missing out on some wonderful opportunities to make your estate plan something more than just a will and a power of attorney. In fact, trusts are arguably the most versatile estate planning tool we planners have in our arsenals. They can be used to accomplish a wide variety of objectives and create benefits you may not have realized were possible. Here are 13 ways adding trusts to your estate plan will benefit […]

What is burial insurance? Also known as funeral or final expense insurance, burial insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy designed to cover common end-of-life expenses, such as funeral or cremation expenses and medical bills. Because the average cost of a funeral in Texas ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, having a burial insurance policy can help take financial strain off your loved ones. How does burial insurance work? Like other insurance policies, you simply select the amount of coverage you want […]

It seems the news cycle has a continuous supply of stories about disgruntled employees or injured third parties bringing eight or nine-figure lawsuits against their employers, neighbors, and business partners. We might have thought the days of frivolous litigation were over, but they are alive and well in this increasingly contentious world we live in. Opportunists abound. And the more you succeed, the more people want to take a piece of that success away from you. Whether it’s human nature, greed, or something […]

For many business owners, mention of the “B word” conjures up feelings of dread, frustration, and failure. Bankruptcy can be expensive, especially for small businesses, and despite the friendlier reorganization option that Subchapter V provides, the process itself can erode brand equity, stigmatize the company going forward, and damage relationships with vendors and customers. Although bankruptcy doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your business, it’s safe to say that most of us would prefer to avoid it if possible. […]

What if a grandparent wants to leave their minor grandchild a sum of money for their college education? Or what if a minor child is named as the beneficiary of an uncle’s life insurance policy and he passes before the child turns 18? While their intent is sincere, in both situations their wishes are not so easily accommodated. The reason is that a child under the age of 18 who inherits money or property in Texas cannot receive it outright. Nor can the […]

In general, foreign wills – from other states or countries – can be probated in Texas, but there are certain requirements that must be met and particular rules that must be followed in order to successfully probate the will. First, a will is deemed to be foreign if it was executed in a jurisdiction outside of Texas, whether merely another state or another country altogether. Wills are typically made where the decedent and their property resides, but it is possible that the decedent […]

Plenty of federal and state entities have given legal meaning to the words “estate” and “assets,” but in order to keep things as uncomplicated as possible here, we’ll boil it down to their practical definitions. Your estate Simply put, your estate is comprised of all your assets at the time you pass away. So that would include all your real property, like your primary residence and any vacation homes, and all your personal property, like household items, cars, jewelry, and collectibles. Also included […]

To understand your business, you have to understand the numbers. Even if you’re not mathematically inclined, or you have a degree in engineering instead of accounting, there are some simple financial ratios that will give you a quick, high-level view of your business without having to bother your CPA. These ratios measure the relationship between two or more elements of your company’s financial statements. Tracking and comparing the results over several accounting periods allows you to follow trends in your company’s performance and […]

An objective of many estate plans is to provide a smooth transition for loved ones. The effectiveness of your plan in accomplishing that goal depends on a few key people or entities you select to handle your affairs in your absence. Your estate planning documents create these roles, and the people you select to fill them are known as fiduciaries. What are the types of fiduciaries? Generally speaking, there are four types of fiduciaries in your estate plan – executor, guardian, agent, and […]


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