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You’ve probably seen a movie or read a book where the protagonist is in the last minutes or seconds of their life, and they whisper instructions as to who they want their prized collectibles or precious mementos to go to after they’re gone. In novels and movies, this may seem like a perfectly legitimate way to make your testamentary wishes known, but would these last words constitute a valid will in the real world? Up until 2007 in Texas, the answer would have […]

Every small business owner knows that cash flow is the key to their company’s survival. Cash comes from customers, so preserving those relationships is vital to a small business. But what do you do when customers stop paying their bills? You may have extended credit and now your customer has gone silent. The invoice is well past due and they won’t respond. Clearly, there is a problem, but how do you go about working through the issues and getting paid? When word of […]

A will is a tried and true estate planning tool that enables you to, among other things, distribute your assets and protect your legacy. And although every will is different, each should have the following ten features to provide a seamless transition for loved ones and ensure the will’s validity and effectiveness. Heading, marital history, and children – The first section of your will should include your full name, county of residence, and a declaration that you intend for the document to be […]

Most states, including Texas, recognize handwritten (or “holographic”) wills as valid. As you might expect, there are pros and cons to writing your own will. Holographic wills don’t have to be signed by a witness or notarized, and they can be drafted without the help of an attorney. On the downside, they can be attacked more easily than formal or self-proven wills. For example, probating a handwritten will requires someone you know testifying that the will is actually in your handwriting. If someone […]


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